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$40/hr for students   Tutoring Policies

$65/hr for businesses (industry, research labs, and private businesses for software engineering consulting/training/scientific programming/tutoring.)

Since November of 2017, I have had more than 2100 sessions with 224 students (as of Dec. 2022). Many sessions lasted 2 hours or more. Some students have had many sessions. A few students have been with me for years.

In sessions, concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject. Material and concepts are presented after a relevant practical problem is chosen. Then the required knowledge and problem solving approach and methods are presented. Teaching strategy in test taking is beneficial to many students. Teaching error-free programming techniques is valuable in CS. The approach to physics and math problems should also be an error-free one. In all technical subjects, problem solving should be accomplished in small steps, checking the consequences of each before proceeding.

I want to help students learn problematic material. Beating fear of success is possible through sustained small successes. The only real teaching/tutoring goal is to teach a student everything the teacher/tutor knows so that the teacher/tutor is no longer necessary.

Tutoring Advertisements

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