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$65/hr for businesses (industry, research labs, and private businesses for software engineering consulting/training/scientific programming/tutoring.)

Physics PhD + postdoc / Math BS tutor. Subjects: Java Programming, Java Homework, Java Assignments, Java Projects -- including Data Structures and Algorithms.

Time zone: CST/CDT

Sessions are online only and by appointment only. My Zoom is utilized for sessions. Lesson notes are displayed and later saved to a pdf file for students, if applicable. A tablet and stylus are used for clearer notes. Students may use the whiteboard of My Zoom or MS oneNote if available. Notes can be written with a mouse if no tablet is available. It is possible to have your homework completed outside of a tutoring session for the usual hourly rate, but it is recommended to complete the homework in a meeting.

In sessions, concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject. Material and concepts are presented after a relevant practical problem is chosen. Then the required knowledge and problem solving approach and methods are presented. Teaching strategy in test taking is beneficial to many students. Teaching error-free programming techniques is valuable in CS. The approach to physics and math problems should also be an error-free one. In all technical subjects, problem solving should be accomplished in small steps, checking the consequences of each before proceeding.

I want to help students learn problematic material. Beating fear of success is possible through sustained small successes. The only real teaching/tutoring goal is to teach a student everything the teacher/tutor knows so that the teacher/tutor is no longer necessary.

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I am a former part-time software engineering consultant using C++ for a US industry in PA (2019). Also, in industry, I have 6 years of experience as a programmer/software engineer. I have 12 years of programming experience in my scientific research at Wash U School of Medicine in St. Louis. Through my dissertation and postdoc, I have 5 years of FORTRAN programming experience. At Wash U School of Medicine, I have 8 years of part-time UNIX system administrator experience.

Java is the most user (programmer) friendly programming language among C, C++, python, and C#. It is easy to use when programming graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Java is very intuitive, and it was written for the programmer. It allieviates the need to use pointers, which is a gift for some programmers, and it also performs garbage collection (C and C++ do not, unless you use MS CLI for C++). Java is a huge language, but it is reasonable to learn, and even more reasonable to program. It is a recommended first language for beginners.

Of course Java, as well as C, C++, C#, and python will be around for a long time. There are a great deal of programs in each language, and these must be maintained. Java has good security on the internet, and it is used often in enterprise applications. Utilizing Java in enterprise applications can be difficult though. Java is most similar to C#, but C# does have some syntax that is almost C++. Kotlin is a new competitor for Java, and it may become an important language to learn in the future. Java does not have the same support of mathematical libraries as python or even C++. So it is not the number one choice for mathematical calculations.

I began tutoring java in about 2016. I have tutored Java essentially every semester and sometimes in the Summer since 2017. I do like Java since it is programmer friendly.I have tutored HS students in Java, Jr. college students, undergraduate students, and graduate students in Java. I prefer Netbeans (now Netbeans Apache) for Java, since it seems to be the most helpful IDE. I can give advice on how to use Eclips or IntelliJ. I have also tutored AP Java (AP Computer Science A). While doing that, I have worked through a test prep book for the AP Comp Sci A test.

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