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Reviews - Prior Feedback

Reviews of tutoring at JC-PD LLC are provided below. Lately, reviews have not been requested from students and parents. The number of lessons provided to a student is a more interesting measure of performance at this point (1/19/23).

One student had about 350 sessions and another had about 200 sessions. Two others had between 130 to 150 sessions (both are still current students). Three other students had between 75 and 100 sessions (one is still current). Seven students had between 25 and 50 sessions (one is still current). Eight students had between 15 and 25 sessions. Twenty students had between 10 and 15 lessons, inclusive. Seventeen students had between 6 and 9 lessons, inclusive. Nine students had 5 lessons. Eighteen students had 4 lessons.

Reviews of JC-PD LLC Tutoring

Former tutoring company tutor's performance stats and a partial list of feedback:

245 hours tutoring; 55 students

ratings: 5.0/5.0 (110)


"Very knowledgeable. Excellent service. Very professional. I would recommend Peter to anyone who wants a very smart and knowledgeable tutor. Thank you Peter."

-- Mike; 3 lessons with Peter

Very knowledgeable

"Peter knows many different ways to approach things, and find the one that he is most knowledgeable with -very intelligent man"

-- Beckie; 1 lesson with Peter

Extremely knowledgeable and patient...

"He volunteers additional information about the discipline. His recommendations for additional reading were very useful. He has devised a very effective curriculum plan for my son."

-- Lori; 7 lessons with Peter

Knowledgeable and patient tutor

"He helped me better understanding C programming. He knew the subject and he was very patient. I would definitely recommend him for anyone taking a programming class."

-- Matt; 7 lessons with Peter

"Really patient and very knowledgeable about Bash Scripting"

- Elizabeth

"First I would like to thank Peter for being patient. I was having some trouble with my microphone and he was really patient with me. He is a great tutor. I had a hard time understanding what my Instructor was asking for the assignment. Peter explained the assignment in depth and made sure I got it. He takes extra time to make sure I understands. I can't wait for our next tutoring session. Thank you Peter!"

"Patient tutor."


"He helped me learn about navigating in Vi editor in Unix and He answered my questions. He also made sure I if I had any more questions or needed any more tutoring."

- Brenda

Knowledgeable, patient, and proactive tutor!

"Peter was the only tutor who reached out to me even if during the weekend. When we started having problems exchanging communications by XXXXXX, he proactively contacted me by phone. Considering that we live in different states, I considered it a great act of kindness and availability. He is extremely patient, and transmits, with calm confidence, that the goal will be achieved. In a moment so overwhelming, and full of homework to do, he was able to reassure me that I can do it. Overall, I could not be happier, and I strongly recommend him. I will definitely require his help for the rest of the course and for my future math classes. Two thumbs up!"

-- Fabio; 6 lessons with Peter

Knowledgeable C++ tutor

"Very knowledgeable and uses visuals to help you see projects; very prompt and reliable and very reasonable rates. I recommend him highly."

-- Blair; 34 lessons with Peter

"BTW, Erika and I were both very impressed with how well you understood the assignment and at your very compact yet also simple, straight-forward coding style."

-- Erika; about 10 lessons with Peter

“You are a great tutor!” (verbal comment during an online session)

--Richard: May, 2018. HS senior, last semester, IB test prep in calc and physics. (>20 lessons)

“Thanks a ton!!! Its nice to have a great teacher like you.”

--Reshu; Sun, Sep 2, 2018

“Thank you very much for all your lectures.

Great work!”

--Reshu; Sun, Aug 26,2018; Mother of tutored son (8th grade) in conceptual physics, geometry, trig, and calc. (16 lessons).

“Yes, he likes GUI programming. Looking forward to seeing him to write small programs with logical thinking! Thanks again for your passions in teaching Jonathan Java! :)”

--Jimmy: July 3, 2018

“Thanks for updating his progress! Moving on to the GUI for Tic Tac Toe would be interesting! Regarding the future projects, he said to me that he will discuss with you on coming Friday. Thanks again for your passion!”

--Jimmy: July 17, 2018

“First of all, I would like to thank you for teaching Jonathan 2 times a week over the Summer holidays, he has been having lots of fun in programming Tic Tae Toe and Hangman.” (Lessons will continue 1 X/week)

--Jimmy: Aug 29, 2018; Father of a 10th grader tutored in Java and Java FX. (Jonathan: > 30 lessons)

--Jimmy/Jonathan: Dec 15, 2020 (> 125 lessons)

“Just want to let you know that you are the best programming teacher ever. I have a very great consideration for you. I was so lucky to have gotten your contact.”

-- Jean-Paul: Nov 7, 2018; C++ and Java student; (> 40 lessons)

“That’s amazing what you did - can you go over it please tomorrow !!!”

--Alan; Aug 2, 2018

“I think when I see how you do and you teach me, i am learning more that way.”

--Alan; Aug 25, 2018; Grad student taking CS bridge course (C++, discrete math, data structs, OS, networking) (> 80 lessons)

“Thank you Peter, I am learning so much from you, despite my struggles. I think you are the best computer science tutor and I hope you can tutor me for couple of years ahead.”

--Alan: Nov 6, 2018

"Thank you Peter! We had another productive year and I learned a lot with you! Let’s do more learning next year."

--Alan: Dec 15, 2020 (> 380 lessons)

“Very well! Peter knows very well his subjects and helped our son so easily that we needed few lessons to troubleshoot. We are glad we have this option for the coming years of calculus, trigonometry, physics to come.”

--Luisa: 5/26/20 in reference to her son (copied from AL).

“Just want to thank you. Keani got an A in math this semester and it was a whole years worth of work!”

--Adrienne/Keani: Honors Math 1/13/2021 – 45 lessons as of 12/2020.

“Thanks Peter. I wish I knew you when I was first learning Java.”

“I really appreciate your help. In just two session, my stress level has come down to a manageable level :)”

--Sylvia: Data Structures in Java student. 2/2021

"... you are a physicist and great programmer!"

“I think your debugging skills are really starting to rub off on me.”

--Maiah 12/2020 Data Structures and Algorithms in C, Algorithm Analysis – More than 30 2-hr lessons as of 2/2021.

“Thank you, so much, you are AWESOME!”

--Debra 10/2023 6 lessons Statistics

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