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Affordable Online Tutoring in Computer Programming, Physics, and Math by a Physics PhD + postdoc / Math BS


JC-PD LLC is a small online business opened in southwestern Oklahoma in 2017. Peter Domitrovich, Ph.D. is the sole proprietor and employee. To contact JC-PD LLC, please fill out the form below and submit it. Your information will not be sold or used in any way other than to contact you for tutoring or other offered services. A phone call, text message, or email are also perfect ways to make contact.

2807 NW 25th St.
Lawton, OK 73505

email: peter.domitrovich@jc-pdllc.com
telephone: call or text (580) 919-2484

JC-PD LLC Mission

The goal is to provide excellent service and caring treatment of all customers. Honesty is a top priority. Students or customers will be accepted only if they can be helped with expertise.

JC-PD LLC Services

JC-PD LLC provides online private tutoring in various math, physics, and computer science courses. Students of all ages and educational backgrounds are welcome. Software engineering, software consulting, and scientific programming are also offered to industries and research groups. The details about JC-PD LLC can be found through the links on the left and right of this page.

Services at JC-PD LLC are provided online only. The rate for students is $40 per hour. For businesses, the rate is $65 per hour.

JC-PD LLC History

JC-PD LLC was founded in July, 2017. After finishing my work in research and industry, creating a service such as this was natural. I want to share the benefits of my background and experience with students and adult learners who will be determining our future. I knew since I was a child that the last portion of my working career would be involved with education.

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A student of A Course in Miracles since 1983. I work hard to do business with JC as my guide and live according to the principles of A Course in Miracles. Copyright © 2017- Peter Domitrovich, Ph.D. JC-PD LLC. All rights reserved. .