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In sessions, concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject. Material and concepts are presented after a relevant practical problem is chosen. Then the required knowledge and problem solving approach and methods are presented. Teaching strategy in test taking is beneficial to many students. Teaching error-free programming techniques is valuable in CS. The approach to physics and math problems should also be an error-free one. In all technical subjects, problem solving should be accomplished in small steps, checking the consequences of each before proceeding.

I want to help students learn problematic material. Beating fear of success is possible through sustained small successes. The only real teaching/tutoring goal is to teach a student everything the teacher/tutor knows so that the teacher/tutor is no longer necessary.

Differential Equations Homework Help

Differential equations is a course that requires a good calculus background. There is a little linear algebra required that is always taught in differential equations textbooks. So linear algebra is not necessarily a prerequisite, but it is better to study linear algebra before this course. Laplace transforms are also used, but a differential equations course does teach enough about these transforms. It is not necessary to take a course in advanced engineering math before taking differential equations. Advanced engineering math covers many types of transforms, but it assumes you have had a course in differential equations.

Practicing differential equations is essential for getting a good grade on exams. With sufficient practice, you will not have to memorize techniques. You should learn them through practice. The more difficult parts of differential equations (diffyq) are systems of differential equations and solving differential equations with Laplace transforms. If there are deficiencies in your calculus background, then the entire course will be difficult. Some integrations techniques will be required in this course, but not that many are necessary.

Matlab has a package that can provide solutions to differential equations, but it does not show the steps involved in obtaining a solution. Matlab could be useful in finding eigenvalues, but the eigenvalue problems encountered in this class are simple enough to do by hand. On exams, you would need to solve eigenvalue problems by hand anyway. Some ordinary differential equations are difficult to solve, but you won't get these in a first course.

I have tutored mathematics recently since 2014. I have tutored elementary math up to and including differential equations and introduction to linear algebra. I have tutored diffyq with both the text by Boyce and DiPrima and the "Notes on DiffyQ" text. Blanchard's text is very different from these, and I have very little experience with it. That includes calculus 1, 2, and 3. I tutor math to physics students often, and occasionally to CS students. I have even helped an economics graduate student with his mathematics. Mathematics is still my favorite subject. I earned a BS in mathematics.

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