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$65/hr for businesses (industry, research labs, and private businesses for software engineering consulting/training/scientific programming/tutoring.)

In sessions, concepts are explained clearly if there is a need. Otherwise, practice is the focus. Active learning is best in any subject. Material and concepts are presented after a relevant practical problem is chosen. Then the required knowledge and problem solving approach and methods are presented. Teaching strategy in test taking is beneficial to many students. Teaching error-free programming techniques is valuable in CS. The approach to physics and math problems should also be an error-free one. In all technical subjects, problem solving should be accomplished in small steps, checking the consequences of each before proceeding.

I want to help students learn problematic material. Beating fear of success is possible through sustained small successes. The only real teaching/tutoring goal is to teach a student everything the teacher/tutor knows so that the teacher/tutor is no longer necessary.

Math Tutoring

Mathematics is a subject which causes fear in many people. That fear is nothing but an imaginary obstacle to be overcome. Its overcoming can be achieved through small successes and significant practice, with additional support if necessary (such as a tutor). Nothing perceived with fear can be perceived accurately, so that is why there is always hope in overcoming math fear.

Practicing mathematics through problem solving is essential for all, whether there is or isn't fear. One's muscles in the arm and hand also help to learn and remember the actions of solving problems mathematically with a pen or pencil. One can recognize if sufficient practice has occurred when there is no need to memorize any part of the math topic at hand. In more advanced mathematics, where proofs are required instead of calculations, memorization is very important. It is good that greater experience in math allows one to learn and memorize math more quickly. In pure math (with proofs), practice is learning the proofs. Homework will also be proofs, but the level of difficulty of the homework will be much lower than the level of the proofs in one's text or lecture. Those proofs took years of research to develop in some cases, so a student cannot be expected to develop proofs at that level. In addition, if the material is not clear from a first reading, then several or so readings may be required. Each individual reading will add more understanding, albeit slow at times. Once one's background in the math area studied increases, less work will be required in the future. Of course, in most courses, the difficulty of the material also increases with time during the course. This may then cause a constant effort to be required.

I have tutored mathematics recently since 2014. I have tutored elementary math up to differential equations and introduction to linear algebra. That includes calculus 1, 2, and 3. I have spent some time also tutoring AP or IB calculus. I tutor math to physics students often, and occasionally to CS students. Tutoring statistics has been a problem, since I do not have a license for expensive statistical software such as SPSS or MINITAB. I have even helped an economics graduate student with his mathematics. I have also tutored discrete math, which is part of computer science, but is usually taught by a mathematician. Mathematics is still my favorite subject. I earned a BS in mathematics.

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