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Summaries of what is happening lately at JC-PD LLC online tutoring

This webpage discusses which courses were tutored during particular semesters or years at JC-PD LLC. The types of courses and some details of some of the students are given. No protected personal information about anyone is provided. In some cases, particular semesters are reviewed. In others, longer periods of time are reviewed. Significant changes in JC-PD LLC and consulting work are also mentioned.

The number of lessons provided to a student is an interesting measure of performance at this point (1/19/23). One student had about 350 sessions and another had about 200 sessions. Two others had between 130 to 150 sessions (both are still current students). Three other students had between 75 and 100 sessions (one is still current). Seven students had between 25 and 50 sessions (one is still current). Eight students had between 15 and 25 sessions. Twenty students had between 10 and 15 lessons, inclusive. Seventeen students had between 6 and 9 lessons, inclusive. Nine students had 5 lessons. Eighteen students had 4 lessons.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Tutoring during the 2022-2023

(2023): During the Summer, a significant amount of college calculus and first-year university physics tutoring was provided. I taught calc 1 and most of calc 2 following Stewart’s text.

Most recently, I have been tutoring discrete math, matlab, java, python, AP physics C, university physics (mechanics and E and M), geometry, AP Calculus, Calculus I and II, college algebra, and precalculus.

I have begun helping an MS in physics student with a thesis calculation (python). I have tutored several students taking AP CS with python. There are 2 semesters for this course, and I am helping with the second semester now (03-23). Many of my other students are also learning python with me - and they are not enrolled in a college or university.

Spent about 100 hours expanding and improving the website for JC-PD LLC. The number of webpages for JC-PD LLC was doubled. The website uses HTML5, CSS3, JS, and PHP on a Linux VPS. SEO using web master tools and schema was also implemented. Significant improvements were noted.

Received a $100 gift from the parents of one of my students for Christmas.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Tutoring during 2021-2022

In the latter part of the Fall semester of 2022, I tutored C++ Data Structures, Intro to C#, python, C++ for gaming, AP Computer Science, AP Physics 1. There were several python students - one adult not in school and a HS student not in a HS python class. I also helped a HS student with python game project for his class. A AP CS student began working with me. She has to code Java Swing GUI applications, often. I also began helping an IT professional with more advanced JS. An intro to C class was also tutored.

Helped code python Homework in a UAV engineering class - no problem except for control theory (in the Spring of 2021). Several of my CS students have graduated and are now employed or going to grad school. In 2021, I had several students in linear algebra and diffyq. During this time period, I have been getting more physics students, and the flow of python, C++, and java students has been steady. I have been helping more graduate level CS students - those beginning CS at that level or doing degrees related to CS. One of my long-time students is beginning grad school now. I have helped a student with C in courses that require some systems programming in Linux/Unix. An economics grad student needed some background math help. That student is up-to-speed now. Helped with an advanced data structures class in java. Also helped with a data science type CS class (still not my cup of tea). Additionally had students in linear algebra, physics (1st year), AP CS, AP Java, AP Physics 1, diffyq, JS, basic Node.js, C, java, C++, HTML5, CSS3, python, python gaming with turtle, discrete math, and algorithm analysis. Helped with a computer systems design class, C++ data structures, javaFX, and PHP. Currently helping with advanced data structures and algorithms in Java (grad level class for an IT MS student in the Fall Semester of 2022). Finally, I helped correct a research paper in Mechanical Engineering. In some subjects I had multiple students.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Tutoring during the Spring Semester 2020

Tutored a tough differential equations course, a linear algebra course, a discrete math course, and some calc 2. Also tutored, SQL, C#, C++, python, Java, C, Linux, Linux OS programming (threads and processes), PHP, html5, CSS, algebra, prealgebra, and a little python game programming. I helped some students with data structures and algorithms and ½ of a computer organization course. Began part-time tutoring in computer science for Pearson.

Several of my HS students have graduated. They will major in CS in college. Most of my students are CS majors, engineering majors, or economics majors at various levels in university. Some of my students are children in middle school. One student is a professional DDS interested in CS. Received a $100 gift card from the parents of several students.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Tutoring during Fall Semester 2020

There was a slight decrease in business due to covid’s influence, but it was reasonable nevertheless. Tutored data structures and algorithms in C, C++, and java (4 students). Also tutored SQL (several students), C (several students), C++ (several students), MATLAB, JavaScript, and python. In math, there were several algebra-1 students (advanced or honors), and one college algebra student. Helped with digital fundamentals for ½ of a quarter. Continued with a little CS tutoring online for Pearson.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Online Tutoring during Fall Semester 2018 and 2019

Just finished this semester tutoring C, C++, Java, python, discrete math, MATLAB, CSS3, HTML5, physics, math, a little C# with (still learning), and a little SQL. I also tutored a little JS, but still learning that too. The C++ course also had a little MFC with visual studio. My students were primarily college students, an experienced DDS, a seventh grader, 9th grader, and several HS students.

Consulting in C++ with Adept PD LLC was ended due to dubious practices on the part of Adept. Some schools, including junior colleges, are giving difficult or unreasonable (more difficult than the course level requires) homework assignments, presumably to reduce the student CS population.

I have tutored data structures in C, C++, and Java – multiple times in C++ and Java. Currently I have a data structures student in python.

There have been many Java students and some C++ and python students.  

I helped a student with a bridge course for students with a bachelor’s degree not in CS to enter a MS program in CS or a branch of CS (IT or cyber security). The bridge course student from the Fall semester is now getting help with Java during the Summer, after PHP, python, WordPress in the Spring semester.

My High School JavaFX student is changing to Java Swing after a temporary detour into C# with windows forms.

A young student of mine has left the country permanently.

I had at one data structures student in Java student going to a prestigious college in MN. Last Fall semester I had a Java student at Pen state.

One algebra student has had about 40 lessons since he began during last Summer. He can now manage algebra alone.

My Java enterprise programming student did very well with his projects.

I had a IS master's degree student studying SQL, and a master's thesis student in economics translating Matlab code to python.

A new student who is a 7th grader will be learning math beyond 7th grade and python. I have finished with one AP physics student.

A cardiologist is also now learning python with me in preparation for research (on break until another cardiologist is hired to help).

I began software engineering consulting with a CAD related company.

Summary of JC-PD LLC Tutoring during Spring Semester 2018

One of my recent students (Sheldon of VA) always said he learned more from me than his professor for his graduate level physics class.

One of my current students (Khailen of GA), in 6th grade, only needs me to help prepare for math tests. He only needed 4 or 5 sessions to become clear with his mathematics.

Most of my Unix/Linux bash scripting students get 1 lesson and are content. One (Eric) has returned for 1 lesson again after 3 months. Once it is clear on how to approach these programs, there is no longer any need for tutoring.

My MATLAB student (Lara from MI and my C++, MATLAB, and python student (Melky) student both got A+’s.

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